AI in Email Marketing

Over 205 billion emails are sent per day, making it a challenge to stay out of the box or I rephrase ‘out of the inbox’. It is imperative for a marketer to push through the clutter and deliver the content to the customer. Having access to customer data is not an issue anymore, but otherwise, having excess of data is. Hand picking specific information about a particular category of customers from the vast sea of one’s and zero’s is humanly impossible.

Organizing, segmenting and integrating this unprecedented amount of data is a necessity. Artificial intelligence is the panacea, providing a clean set of information to the developer. E-mail marketing isn’t the monotonous traditional bulk sending of messages, it is in a complete overhaul. Although E-mail marketing remains the preferred channel across all, but a very small amount of these contain relevant and interesting information suitable to the customer.
AI coupled with E-mail marketing has enabled a one-to-one interaction with the consumers, understanding their behaviour and personalizing each e-mail accordingly. It has enabled marketers to dedicate resources to creative elements and efficient messaging for each segmented vertical within a campaign. Personalization is the necessity. Finding out the target audience from the huge stack of information and judging them accordingly and thus segmenting them accordingly. Maintaining a personal connection with the leads and customers by sending them wishing mails, remind them about the events and sales.

It’s believed that it takes three seconds to seize a customer’s attention. After sending the message to the right audience, it’s imperative to time the message. Sending messages to all the customers at same point of time is foolish. Every customer should be touched at their peak of their e-mail activity period to create a maximum impact. Even a small personalization effect like this will affect the success rate of e-mail campaigns by improving your e-mail opens and increasing conversions.

Emails are going through a seismic shift. AI will fast-track your sales pipeline by getting customized messages to people who are primed. With the rapidly advancing technology and evolving needs of customers, emails will make a massive switch. Marketers will need to be extremely tech-savvy while adopting and adapting to newer tools in the foreseeable future.

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