Mobile Popcorn - Catalyst

Mobile Popcorn Motivator is gamification of daily sales activities. It compiles statistics from CRM about your team’s sales performance and motivates individual team members for friendly completion to sell more and achieve business goals. Harness the full potency of our CRM data by combining it with Motivator. Identify KPI's, set targets, and help your sales team visualize the goals that ultimately pave the way for company and individual growth.


Smart Dashboards
  • KPIs
  • Custom dashboards.
Undestand your customers better
  • Trend charts
  • Breakdown charts
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Pipeline stages
Define your desired sales practices
  • Drive the right behavior
  • Set targets for yourself
Clear goals & real-time feedback
  • Visually track your progress
  • Score yourself
Contests to boost motivation
  • Create contests in a single click
  • Leader boards to see how you measure up
  • Build teams and bring out the competitive spirit
  • Set your rules
Motivator TV: Boost visibility, recognition, and fun
  • Create multiple channels
  • Personalize your own channels
  • Make announcements
  • Showcase your wins


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