Mobile Popcorn - Email Automation

Mobile Popcorn Email Automation goes beyond email with powerful business intelligence and analytics. Our email automation provides best in class customer behavioural analysis, customer segmentation, workflow, world class templates and triggers emails and newsletter at the right time to the right person that too fully personalised. Mobile Popcorn email automation is integrated with CRM, Sales Automation, Survey Forms, and Help Desk which enables you to see customer life cycle rather just opening rate and click rates.


Email Marketing made Easy
  • Build your mailing list
  • Design your own tamplates
  • Schedule and send
  • Share on social media
  • Track report and compare
Undestand your customers better
  • Track recipient activity
  • Link Tracking
  • Bounce an Autoreplies
  • Analyze your Lists
  • Social Statics
  • Automatic handling of spam Complaints and Bounce Cases
  • Device Reports
  • Campaigns Comparison Reports
  • Google Analytics
  • Share Reports
Nature leads. Grow your sales
  • Grow your Business with Email marketing
  • Instant Respose tracking
  • Increase Engagement with Targeted Campaigns
  • Shorten your Sales Cycle
  • Data is always upto date
Manage email campaigns on-the-go
  • Send Campaigns
  • Monitor Campaign Performances
  • Manage Contacts and Subscriber List
  • Work offline
Looking good takes only a click
  • Ready-made newsletter templates
  • Flexible,customizable layouts
  • All templates are responsive
  • Mobile friendly tempaltes
  • Eaasy drag and drop editor
  • Import your newsletter templates
Automate your Email marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Automate your marketing Efforts with Autoresponder
  • Set up workflows for enhanced targeting and personalization
  • A simple reminder can show you care
Increase reach with social media campaignsS
  • Keep the conversation Going
  • Landing pages for Facebook Marketing
  • Schedule and automate
  • Measure Engagement
In the Google Marketpalce
  • G-mail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets


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