Social media has changed the game for forever. It’s two way communications and if you are not listening what your customer has to on social channels, your business is going to die. Managing brand on social channel is one of the most important segments of digital marketing.

Mobile Popcorn’s Social Brand Building Services

Strategic Planning

Knowing your target market is the best way to proceed. You must exactly know what kind of customers you can target on different social media channels. The one which works with Facebook may or may not work with LinkedIn. We need two kinds of information to define target audience.




Social index

Identify your goals, timeline and budget

Setting up a very realistic goal, providing sufficient time and fund is essential to get results in social media marketing. We will help you to quantify it such as 10000 views, 1500 leads should come through social media campaigning, we must resolve 200 problems posted in social media per month etc.

Evaluate your existing digital marketing channels and assets

Very often we have a lot of tools in our door step but we don’t recognize them. We have to figure out what are the kinds of online Medias you own such as Facebook official page, LinkedIn official page, Twitter Official Page, Instagram Stories page; check out the complete profile and how it has been managed. Find out how much you are investing in ads in different social medias

Select right platform

Business to Business people should be targeted on LinkedIn, its hard to find in Facebook, Business to customer can be targeted through any channel but the most effective one is Facebook depending on products. We will help you to to figure out which is the right platform for you and how much time and money you need to invest on each of them.

Use our integrated social media management platform

Once all the detailing is done on excel file, its time to use our integrated platform. You can post the same or different content across the platforms. We have stunning dashboard with one click access to messages received from different platform. You can do A/B testing to see which design and post will work for which used segment. Mobile Popcon Social Media business analytics will give you accurate data which will help you out to see how your ads are performing and what is the return on investment. It will also suggest that you should reduce or increase time and investment in certain location to specific age group customers.